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Licensed LPG series Green Lasers and Laser Pointers

<5 mW
LPG- laser pointer: Experiments / Presentations
10 mW

LPG- laser : Astronomy / Experiments

20 mW
LPG- laser : Astronomy / Experiments
30 mW
LPG- laser : Astronomy / Experiments
50 mW
LPG- laser : Astronomy

LPR series Red Laser Pointer

3 mW
LPR-3 laser pointer: On- screen presenter / Experiments / Hobby
<5 mW
LPR-5 laser pointer: On- screen presenter / Experiments / Hobby




We offer wide selection of Protective laser Eyeware, Laser components, Laser systems and Laser Pointing devices for professional use, experiments, entertainment, hobby, astronomy, security, handheld, cooled, water-proof. If you don't see a product you need here, contact us- if we don't have it in stock, we'll supply it within two weeks. If you've bought a laser pointer elsewhere and would like your laser output power to be measured by a professional, contact us



Experimenting with a laser can be very educating and fun, but always remember, that special safety rules must be followed and protective eyewear should be used to prevent permanent eye damage. A 100 mW laser can light-up the match and melt some plastics, while any laser with output power higher than 1 mW is dangerous for human's eye. Laser devices should be kept in a safe place, out of reach . All laser safety products and documentation are available from us on request.

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This compact and focusable blue handheld laser with re-chargeable battery has unlimited use from professional and hobby experiments to applications in forensics, scorpion hunting, light effect.



First Handheld Red-Green-Blue laser is now available!

The kit includes rechargeable battery and battery charger.

HPL-532 series Hand-held Lasers
Requires permit to operate
HPL-532-400 mW Laser



FOTON Astro Laser


Price, ZAR
Developed, manufactured and introduced to the market in the beginning of 2007 by FOTON Optoelectronics, this is the world's first commercially manufactured Astronomy - dedicated multi-purpose green laser system.
FOTON Hand held Green Laser Scanner for 3D imaging

Also available in Red Laser


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